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Past Shows

Nov 27, 2015 Other People Jamorah opens for Other People at the Neighborhood Theatre!   This is Other People's annual Thanksgiving Friday reunion and this year it includes Tom Constanten (original Grateful Dead Keyboards) and Jim Ashton (various national and local country and bluegrass bands) on Pedal Steel.  Constanten will perform some early Dead medleys on the piano, and Jim Ashton will join the band to perform songs from the Grateful Dead's "From The Mars Hotel" Album. Third set will be a regular Other People show covering some Grateful Dead favorites. If you enjoy music by the Grateful Dead you should definitely come. Doors open at 7, showtime is 8. 
Nieghborhood Theatre
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Mar 2, 2015 Smokey Joes Cito plays the old mexican strat for the night.
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Nov 28, 2014 "Other People" Neighborhood Theatre Live Recording
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