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Cito Giulini

Lead guitarist and vocalist, combines his Latin upbringing (born in Caracas,Venezuela) and his classical guitar training to create a unique and compelling guitar style which can range from soft and subtle to towering and powerful. He is alumni of the popular North Carolina jam bands Liquid Sound and the Other People and plays with Steve in the Moonshine Racers.


Curtis Wingfield

Drums, Received his first drumset as a Christmas present just before his third birthday. He then began studying piano at age four, receiving superior ratings and high placements at regional, state, and national piano competitions. Returning to the drums at age 11, Curtis began studying the instrument much more seriously, eventually at East Carolina University where he studied percussion performance and music theory with a concentration in jazz.Since then, Curtis has toured the US extensively with Bellyfull, Gongzilla (replacing Gary Husband) and Afromotive. Curtis' work with Afromotive also led to him being featured in both Modern Drummer and DRUM! Magazines. He has also studied and performed with Jeff Sipe, Jeff Coffin, and Steve Kimock.

Russ Betenbaugh

Keyboardist and vocalist, has played with all kinds of road bands over the years including Hobex and was a key member of "Other People" and "Liquid Sound", both bands he played in with Cito. Influenced by all kinds of masters, Brent Mydland and the Grateful Dead are definitely a major part. He loves Frank Zappa as well.


Steve Keim

Bass player, from Charlotte has been playing live throughout the Carolinas for at least 20 years and provides a solid foundation for the rhythm section. He plays with Cito in the Moonshine Racers and in other several local bands. He loves the Grateful Dead, Santana, Frank Zappa, and all forms of music

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